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Nancy J. Litz, Psy. D

As we go through life, we realize that it is an ever-evolving process:  we face beginnings, endings, and new beginnings.  At times, we become lost in this process, unable to find our place in lifeís journey.  My commitment as a therapist is to come alongside my clients as they struggle to recover their core selves, and craft a life that reflects their own vision and passion.



About Nancy Litz, Psy. D


I am a licensed clinical psychologist, in private practice, with over 14 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy and hold a Doctor of Psychology degree from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  I have a Masterís Degree in Guidance and Counseling and a wide variety of experiences as a clinician, teacher, guidance counselor, parent, business owner and therapist.  I am trained in traditional and innovative methods of psychotherapy, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Psychological Trauma. I am a member of the American Psychological Association, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Illinois Psychological Association and EMDR International Association.



Therapeutic Approach


I believe that psychotherapy is most beneficial when it can address problems and identify solutions to lifeís conflicts.  These conflicts often become obstacles in leading an emotionally healthy and rewarding life.  Ultimately, I believe the goal of therapy is to empower my clients to make decisions that will allow them to feel more satisfied, productive and in control of their lives.  Likewise, learning to cope with lifeís everyday stressors, as well as crises, can be an important part of therapeutic work.